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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Jalan di M'sia - a roady patch, errr, isn't it supposed to be rocky instead?

The other day, I have posted on August 7, 2004 05:11 AM, my opinion of the roady issue at Here it is:-

Hi yer.Nice entry, good weblog.
It seems that every other person next to you on the road is a pain in the a** these days. The wild riding motorcyclist, the slow moving industrial tippers, the non-law-abiding motorist and the big bullies on fast and furious driving heavy vehicles. Hey, don't forget the un-lit roads, not properly designed routes, poorly maintained surfaces or badly-timed maintenance or upgrading works.

Ooohhh, almost everything on the road is driving every other person up the wall. We don't need to be bitten by any radioactive spiders to provide us with spidey-power to do so. If I were 'a not-so-busy with politics-academician', I could easily come up with loads of phD works to address all these issues. Might win a few awards with the work as well.

What turns the situation as they are now? I have 1 simple guess. Respect of rules and regulations is non-existence in Malaysia and every other human is for themselves, forget about the right of others.

The forefathers of independence might have seen this coming. Part of the Rukunnegara have "KEDAULATAN UNDANG-UNDANG", there's a part on "KESOPANAN DAN KESUSILAAN", and not forgetting "KELUHURAN PERLEMBAGAAN". However, are these in place these days? I don't have to keep on guessing because all the proofs showed that it is otherwise.

What should we all do? Keep on talking about the issues in blogs? It doesn't solve the issues. Everyone has to play their part, tackled the bull by the horn. Use your contacts to deliver your dis-satisfaction and forward your suggestion(s) to mitigate the issues.

Could we do this? I cannot guess the answer to this. I have not been able to do so, all these whiles. Have no contact what-so-ever, no avenues to express my ideas without fearing for retribution to my life due to my action. So, maybe I could just share with you what I have in mind instead. These ideas of mine would slowly, but surely elemininate the problems on Malaysian roads.
a. Greater presence of enforcement officers. Maybe we need to recruit additional numbers of them, or re-allocate their duties to the areas needed most. Not just employing those enforcers just to do the donkey work for their political masters.
b. Immediate severe sentencing of corrupt practice of law enforcers and bribe-givers (attempters).
c. Overhaul of road and transport regulations to address the various factors of driving and mode of transports.
d. Park and rides to complement the exercise to improve public transport system.
e. Relocation of housing and industrial areas of the states to eleminate / reduce problems associated with competing for road space. This should include relocation of places of high traffic volumes, e.g. business parks, schools, offices etc.
f. Elemination of the practice of time recorders for workers. Instead provide flexi-timing. Rushes to clock-in could be mitagated to nil.
g. Improvement to the current road network and design.
h. Improve tele-marketting, promote non-presence selling technique with emphasise in changing the mindset of malaysian of needing sales people to be in person to sell product. Encourage teleconferencing marketing and the use of multimedia and to capitalise on internet.
i. I could carry-on with more, but I want to spare you the pain of reading a blog in a blog. He he he. :)

Loughs asides, lastly, I have a very pessimistic outlook on changes being implemented with the current ad-hoc mitigation policies of the country, all the times, when subjected to problems of any significance.

ps: Why do we have all the problems with rules, regulations and respect? Our fellow citizen are merely looking to emulate the successful politician running the country. If those self-centred no-brainers could get away with murder, why not the others? Throw everything at other people, make sure you succeed at any cost.


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