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Monday, September 19, 2005

Poor retiring D-G!

This is the reflection of my tot's at Lim Kit Siang's blog on the RM5 million being spent on a retiring D-G. I commented it there.
Dear Lim Kit Siang.
Firstly, congratulations for finally getting into the bloggers bandwagon.

On Custom's DG's farewell spending, I have only one simple answer. 'Bapak borek, anak rintik'.

Elaboration? This so-called extras being given out to this out-going master is a mere reflection of the practice which has found its way into the 'new' culture of giving 'respect' to the person in power. This 'new' un-desirable culture has crept into Malaysian way of life ever-since the former Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad came into power. People flock to get to be with those in power and be associated with them. Each and every attendees have their own personal agenda, what-ever it might be. Remember the flock of people sending-off and receiving Mahathir at the airport whenever he has to go or come back from trips?

I am not surprised at all.

On Civil Service personnel, they are also now at the beck and call of the ruling elites of BN component parties, as are all the institutions which are under the tyranic rule of them, e.g. universities, information ministry, police force, etc.

The solution to all the problems of the nation? A parliament and governance of country which is properly checked and balanced! Not forgetting, freedom of speech AND FREEDOM AFTER SPEECH

Lastly, did anyone recall this 'poor' DG's personal relationship with the former prime minister MM and of the same DG's personal record of being the first diplomatic/civil administrative officer being appointed to head the Royal Customs and Excise Department?


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