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Friday, May 27, 2005

Parti Rakyat Bebas

In light of the current sorry state of the country in the hands of the ruling governance of Barisan National, I would like to advice you all of the initiative to have another political party in Malaysia.

It is in the formation stage and feedbacks and admission is invited from all Malaysian resident. The name of the new party is PARTI RAKYAT BEBAS.

So far the manifesto includes:-
  • Affordable housing for the masses.
  • Efficient public transportation at lowest cost possible.
  • Free education for all at all levels.
  • New tax regime to ease burden on civil and private sectors servants (non executive / non-share holders).
  • Social and community welfare (to include benevolent and un-employment benefits, food and milk coupons, etc.).
  • Free hospitalisation and medical benefits.
  • Freedom AFTER speech which includes Free media with freedom and easy access to county's essential information.
The party is also in the process of considering the proposal provided by 'Senator' Dave 'Senduk' Chiew, which includes:-
  • Considering that all female government servants will wear only low-cut blouses and short skirts.
  • To consider having all male government servants to be be replaced with more females wearing low-cut blouses and short skirts.
  • To pass laws to make Tmnet ( and any ISPs) to allow users to log in to their ftp server using anonymous logins.
  • To provide huge grants and rewards to those propagating the spread of IT technology, especially those who constantly upload e-mags.
  • To consider request to apply to the International Tribunal to win back the island of Singapore.

Looking forward to excellent constructive feedback and numerous request for addmision for the general public at large.

April 1st came 57 days too late...

Dr M: Corruption becoming culture

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Astaghfirullah hal azeem! This chap is definetely going senile! Tahniah BAPA KORUPSI Malaysia.

Another tot?
Harakah said?

Dr M: Corruption becoming culture

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad warned today that corruption was becoming a culture in Malaysia. The former Prime Minister said corruption was almost at the "above the table" level, with a significant number being involved.

"Where are we now? We are slowly breaking through the ceiling. We are slowly emerging ‘above the table’, and when that occurs, I hope I won’t be around," he said.

Dr Mahathir said there could be no turning back if corruption becomes rampant, "because everybody, from the bottom to the top, will be corrupt".

"If we have better values, this will not happen," he said after presenting the keynote address on "Social Re-engineering", for a 10-part series of discourses at the Yayasan Kepemimpinan Perdana here today.

He said this in response to a question from an Umno Youth member who sought his opinion on the level of corruption in Malaysia.

WARNING ON CORRUPTION: Dr Mahathir stressing on the matter after presenting a keynote address on ‘Social Re-engineering’ at the Perdana Leadership Foundation yesterday. — NST picture by Hadzme Mohd Jaafar

Dr Mahathir said political parties in the Government had to act without fear or favour against anyone involved in corruption, including "even the most prominent officials or persons".

He said they had to act fast to fight corruption at all levels, and within themselves, or face a loss of credibility.

Dr Mahathir said the corrupt did not even hide that they were corrupt.

"I do not like to make comparisons with the past, but before you did not have to bribe anybody to get elected. Now, you must bribe before you can get elected."

On money politics in Umno, Dr Mahathir said: "I was told that there is a lot of money politics (in Umno). I hope it is not true but I am inclined to believe it is. If this thing emerges above the table, you cannot stop it as by then, everybody will be involved."

He said if corruption became "institutionalised", the cost of doing business would go up.

"You have to pay as everybody asks that you pay. This will retard growth and eventually, the country will suffer."

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DAP: Post commission’s report online

DAP: Post commission’s report online

This goes without saying. Commission report, statistics for the nation and all essential information should be made available to the public at no cost at all!

Then we would have a more enlightened, knowledgable and informed Malaysian society.

The Star Online > Nation

Thursday May 26, 2005
DAP: Post commission’s report online

PENANG: The DAP wants the Malaysian Police Royal Commission report to be posted on the Internet to make it accessible to the police and public.

Opposition leader and Ipoh Timur MP Lim Kit Siang claimed most policemen have no access to the report.

He said other countries such as Britain, Australia and Canada have posted on the Internet reports of Royal Commissions and inquiries into police reform and modernisation.

Lim said this at the roundtable dialogue on “Royal Commission to Enhance Operation and Management of the Royal Police Force”. The event was organised by the DAP at a hotel here on Tuesday night.

He said in a statement that the DAP was willing to upload the report for free if the royal commission had difficulty doing so.

“I will contact the secretary of the commission Datuk Hamzah Md Rus for an electronic copy. We are prepared to put up the report on the DAP website if a home could not be found for the report,” he said.

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