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Friday, March 25, 2005

My proposed solution to the national education malaise

Yesterday, while discussing on the education malaise in Malaysia, I promised to come back with some solutions.

So, what could be done to stop the rot? Really, the first and foremost is to kick most of the political masters in ruling. Get the right representative who have no material obsession into power.

These are the way that I foresee could help improves Malaysia's education system and output.

01. National Education System needs to be strenghten to produce thinkers, not memorisers.
02. Free education to the highest level possible. Aim is to produce graduates of our education system that would be of asset to the country and the whole wide world.
03. Schools needs to be re-organised and re-structed, for the better.
04. Non-academic inclined candidates should be allowed avenues to find alternative education for a living at better vocational and technical institutions.
05. Local universities should be made to produce more advanced studies and be among the leading ones in the whole universe, not just saying that they are one. They have to be mentioned by their foreign counter-parts as one.
06. Relevant researches for the country and the world, not just researches for the sake of researches to increase publication portfolio. Relevent to the nation first, other parts of the world, 2nd.
07. Speak out against the ills to remind others of any mistakes that might have been committed out of ignorance. FREEDOM AFTER SPEECH!
08. Those guilty of all the heinous crimes in education failures thus far should realised their folly and resign. These should include the politicians handling education ministry, the weak administrators there for "kow-towing" to the ill-informed or 'with-other-intention-directives' from the top as well as all the non-committed teachers (universities lecturers included).
09. Better transperancies in government policy-making, REAL democracy and the likes.

We can do it, if we all put our mind and effort to it.

Sejahtera Malaysia, insyAllah.


Blogger Atok said...

I've blogged about this last year, here:

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 1:04:00 AM

Blogger mamat said...

Thanks for dropping by and the interesting read at your mentioned link.

mamatd ... hoping for change, soon ....

Thursday, June 30, 2005 8:15:00 PM


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