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Friday, March 25, 2005

Stolen bikes? Do I see an impending rise of motorbike insurance coverage charge or some other ventures?

In a 'safe' haven like Malaysia, I am not the least surpsied to note that Almost 50 Motorcycles Stolen Everyday! What else is new?

The impending new thing that I foresee from this announcement would be some subtle moves by the The General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM - Persatuan Insuran Am Malaysia) to advice the Bank Negara and the government to put an increase to the insurance coverage. He he he! Very excellent suggestion, NOT!

But the PIAM is there to make money, so, they need to keep on making money, however it might be.

What did the police have to say to all these rubbish? Crimes are increasing alarmingly. We have robberies, kidnaping, hijacking, snatch thieves, rapes etc commited routinely daily. What are the policemen doing during their work? Are they understaffed? Are they not doing their work?

Policeman in Malaysia are more known for the dilligent effort in taking bribes from ever-ready-to-give motorist, who would rather part with some 'duit kopi' rather than going through the hassle of the juducial delays. The same policeman are also im-famously known to wait in secluded areas to ambush motorist doing a 75 on a 70kph-limit stretch, with flags to stop them or cameras ready to 'saman ekor'. They are not known to go on a beat to be a prohibitive force to deter would be criminals.

'Kasihan' Polis Diraja Malaysia.

However, I am more sorry for the Malaysian law-abiding citizen like me who have to keep on facing these kinds of ills.

Quit all the talks, what about the solution?

What about these?
01 Better public transport system so that people could make do without all the environmentally-harzardous 2-strokes bikes?
02 Increasing the number of police in public presence. If they are under-staffed, recruit more.
03 Create a new policing force, a-la the 'gendermarie'-thinngy in France. They could help in checking the power and 'abuse' of normal police, thus helping to mprove the image and perception of public of the normal police force.
04 Improve further with the delay at the judicial courts, penalising criminals as fast as they appear.
05 Return the power to the people, not the bullies, gangsters and criminals by protecting the law-abiding citizen at all times, especially against threat of retaliation (by the perpetrator of crime) when reporting crimes.

Allah help us. By the way, Islam is the only solution to all these problem, IMHO.

If you missed the article, here's the pasted text below.

March 24, 2005 13:22 PM E-mail this news to a friend Printable version of this news

Almost 50 Motorcycles Stolen Everyday!

KUALA LUMPUR, March 24 (Bernama) -- The General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM) announced a 59 percent jump in motorcycle thefts reported to insurers last year.

In a statement here Thursday, PIAM said there were 17,762 reported cases of motorcycle thefts last year compared to 11,142 in 2003.

This meant almost 50 motorcycles were stolen everyday last year!

The three most popular targets were Honda motorcycles of various models (7,802), followed by Yamaha (6,294) and Modenas (2,039).

Selangor recorded the highest number of motorcycle thefts (6,001), whilst Wilayah Persekutuan (3,069) and Pulau Pinang (1,673) came in second and third respectively.

PIAM's executive director Lim Chia Fook said the insurance industry incurred claims amounting to RM67 million for motorcycle theft losses last year. This was almost double the theft losses in 2003 which amounted to RM34 million.

In view of the escalation in the number of motorcycle thefts, PIAM has advised motorcycle owners to adopt enhanced security measures.

Among the measures to reduce the risk of motorcycle thefts, owners should apply extra locks such as dual-lock system, fork lock and wheel lock on their vehicles, it said.

Parking should be always also in a well-lit area or with a group of other motorcycles.

"Beware of persons offering to sell motorcycles or motorcycle spare parts and accessories at very much below prevailing market prices. You may be buying stolen property," said Lim.

PIAM is the national association, representing all 35 licensed general insurance companies in Malaysia.



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